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Generally there are three groups that have historically used the Scism surname.

Group 1, is the Hudson Valley, NY Scism branch. This branch has a history going back to before 1700 in the valley, and is likely of Belgian origin, research indicating the name derived, most likely, from vanderChijs, (from Chijs), Chijs (or Sijs) is a village near the Flanders region. This family (or group of families from Chijs) probably came to the new world in the mid 1600s, with the dutch colonists.

Group 2 is a branch that appeared around 1800 in the Kings Mountain area of North Carolina.

Group 3 is a branch that is first represented by William Scism in 1803, by his marriage to Elizabeth Duncan in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Elizabeth was from Carter County Tennessee, previously a portion of Washington District, NC, and the "State of Franklin". This family was documented in a 1942 book "The Scism and Allied Families" by Delos M. Scism. It appears for the most part that this book is where the genealogy research of this branch ended, additional information sought often leads back to this book.

Extensive searching has not proven connections between these three branches. There is some indication that the Tennessee branch may be a branch of the Chisum family.

The Carolinas [2] branch may be connected to the Tennessee [3] Branch, but that also is not established.

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