The death of Phillip Christian Miller occured within a short time of the death of his father, Abraham George Miller, Jr., both occurring on the Miller Homestead, Antelope Creek, near Climax, Jackson County, Oregon, in 1886.

Abraham Miller, Jr., the father, in his will - left the primary portion of his estate to Phillip, who was the only child of his second marriage to Elizabeth Crowley Dagley, widow of Reverend Joseph Warren Turnidge (Turnage), a first minister of the (Old School Baptist) Little Bethel Church of Predestinarian Baptists, founded in Linn County. This Church had suffered a schism, and the contention was that one group within the church had a disagreement over the Resurection of Christ, as a doctrine, and the other had a different view of the resurrection. The Church split - Reverend Abraham Miller (the father) was forced out, and became a travelling preacher.

He settled in Antelope Creek about 1860.

In 1869, his surviving children from his first marriage (to Julia Ann Morgan, from Pennsylvania) accepted their inheritance from him, and agreed that his then current wife and their child would be primary inheritors in the event of his death.

In April of 1886, Abraham died and his will had not yet entered probate, when Phillip also died, intestate. This fact influenced the as yet unprobated will of his father, Abraham.

Phillip's inheritance reverted back to his mother, Elizabeth "Betsey" Dagley, and the probate of that will and the "emergency" sale of the livestock, left his mother with less than $90 in pocket, from the estate. Both Estates were liquidated.

Similarly, Phillips personal estate was also undergoing Probation. Phillip's wife was decreed executrix, and the estate was determined to be wo less than $600, and had debts which needed to be paid, The Courts ordered sale of the entire estate to solve those debts. Mary Ella Howell, Phillip's widow, was also left penniless, with a two year old son to raise.