So you'd like to join IBSSG, but you still burst into tears when you think about traumatic events in your immediate family....you still can't accept that someone you should have been able to trust, could hurt you so bad....or, how could Great-Grandpa have DONE such awful things? And you're not sure you can bring them out, into the light of day?

IBSSG, recognizing that not everyone is ready to revel in Great-Uncle Fred's "dirty deeds," announces a corner of the pen, just for Tender Lambs, who need the safety of anonymity, or are grieving.

We have a trained Ewe, whose woolly shoulders are soft; her ears are open but her mouth is shut; and your family secrets are safe, with her. We have several members who have Black Sheep in their families, but who fear consequences, should their families' stories become public; here, you are assured of a safe place to discuss in confidence with "Lamby Sue."

Just address your email message to bsbates@netease.net with "Tender Lambs" or "TLC" in the subject line. Simply use your initials, if that is more comfortable for you. Your privacy will be respected, and you will find a safe haven. Your qualifying Black Sheep's story will NEVER be shared with the list unless, and until, you say it should. So, come on in, and join us.


TLC would like to introduce something new to the pen and our web pages. We've found a way to let our Tender Lambs put their qualifying stories with the others. ALL stories about living people MUST be approved by "Lamby Sue", with all identifiers (names and places) changed. . .even genders might be changed. The TLs are given the opportunity to choose, with guidance, their own pseudonym to protect their real identity.

TLs are asked to remember that their stories need to remain private for their own protection. If you wish to have your story included, contact Ms. Solace Ewe privately and she will be glad to help you.

Email our Lamby Sue

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