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Qualification for the Society membership (and the right to use IBSSG after your signature in genealogy correspondence) is granted on the main list ( by posting the following:

Subject: Qualification request

Body should mention the following:
Your relationship to the individual
Why you think he or she is a Blacksheep of the Family
Whether or not the acts were of a social or criminal nature.

IMPORTANT If the individual is living, or the acts are still having an immediate effect on your family, or disclosure may lead to danger to anyone, please do not submit the details publicly. Our Tender Lambs Corner is set up for the PRIVATE submission of this type of qualification, pleae visit our Tender Lambs Coordinator (TLC) page and consider submitting there.

Living individuals should not be mentioned by name or should have an " alias " to protect their privacy. Acts of automatic qualification are:

Armed Robbery
Theft of any item of fame
Membership in a famous gang, well documented
Political Assassin
Member of the FBI's Most Wanted List
Political Expatriate
Extreme Public Embarrassment
Involvement in Witchcraft Trials
Bigamy (outside the Mormon faith, which condoned it at one time)
Persons expelled from normal society
Convicted felons (documented)

Self Qualification is not acceptable for the individual must be in the ancestrial lines.

Qualified Members may append the letters IBSSG after their names in all Genealogy correspondence.

DUES: There currently are none

Multiple memberships are authorized, Qualifying representative ancestors must meet all membership requirements.

NEW MEMBERS: all qualified members are authorized to recruit and certify new members, upon declaration of qualification in any public forum of genealogy, such as a website, Chat room specifically for genealogy, or any other genealogically oriented public forum. Posting of membership should be made to (after subscribing ) and if you feel your story is significant and don't mind, it may be posted on our web page.

There is no charge for the membership on the mailing list, and postings are open to all list members without regard to membership status in the IBSSG.

The above automatic Qualifiers are a guideline, all circumstances beyond the automatic qualifiers will be considered on an individual basis. A Blacksheep doesn't have to be a criminal to qualify, Family blacksheep are accepted based on relationships within the family.

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